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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 – For PC or Mac – Review

Ability to choose. Plants or zombies – Single, multiplayer or split screen? For the continuation of Garden Warfare, the proposal is simple but very powerful: that we are the ones who decide. More options game, character classes and delivery possibilities in a zombie state makes its predecessor.

It is fortunate that titles like Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 understand this reality. Not only it puts the turbo to distance himself from his previous delivery , assuming an improvement at all levels. It is also concerned about providing content to both the solo player as to who enjoys online or sit with a friend or family on the couch. The game should not be the one who decides how you should play. So grateful that PopCap Games has made ​​the effort to provide alternatives, that we are the ones responsible for deciding whether we want to be alone or in company (either online or split screen ).

This sequel is not perfect, because it does not offer that option of freedom for all modes and possibilities. However, it is going like a steamroller to the previous game, and not just on this issue. We are offered a small open world to explore, the number of secrets increases, minigames are added, there are new types of plants and zombies, the modalities are powerful injections of novelty … It is the “more and better” than you can expect a continuation. In fact, the word “below” may stay a little short …

Far Cry Primal for X Box and PS4 – Complete Analysis

You wanted an open world set in prehistoric times? Were you looking to have an army of animals to your service? You longed for a game that will transmit all visceralidad of cavemen fighting fiercely for their lives? Far Cry back thousands of years to renew their appearance and gameplay possibilities. What about time travel Primal? What you have.

When it was announced Far Cry: Primal was some doubt among fans. In the first instance because it wanted very much a game about the stone age signed by the imaginative studies Ubisoft and shocked to be introduced within the brand Far Cry , and secondly because the saga of action did little less than a year and a half he had launched its latest installment … And the player begins to suspect any mark showing a predetermined frequency, however good the results. However once we put hands on him seems very logical that the title is framed within the franchise, not only because it draws some power elements but also because many other leading them to their land.

The fact is that the French company facing a videogame about prehistory is always exciting, and the result is as interesting as expected. It is perfect? No, actually far from it, yet has enough elements of interest and sufficient emphasis on providing innovation to deserve very much worth if what we want is a different sandbox to what is customary in the market these moments.

The main missions have an interest ranging much of the gameplay mechanics entering each. Which are more relevant and have a certain tactical component as to the possibilities of combat are often more attractive than others, and occasionally Ubisoft Montreal is removed from the sleeve a formula to revive our interest in the joint either offering something different like climbing a commission to find, for example, a given plant on top of a mountain or to introduce a gameplay mechanics such as using hook or a given domesticated animal of unique features. On the other hand there are many other more lazy to do a favor this or that character and much less transcendent importance, and end up composing a somewhat more irregular than the previous episodes of the franchise set.

Primal is a delivery for the popular saga of Ubisoft opens a new way forward in terms of time and possibilities. Since then it has lacked spark and regularity in the campaign, only offer the program, so that the game is up to the rest of episodes of the Far Cry series, however this is a very unique approach and getting us feel inside Stone Age as seldom have seen in a video game.

Soaking in a prehistoric world is an experience

The formula and the particular sandbox Far Cry fit the context

Taming animals and many other elements that give personality

The body part to the combat system is not up to the rest

Some irregularity in missions: Some are great, others leave to be desired

Duration: 20-30 hours (minimum)

Players: 1

Language: Texts and voices in Spanish “language wenja”